Thursday, July 18, 2013

CLUB DRIVER JAPAN 2013 LIST: XXIO 2013 Prime Forged Driver

XXIO 2013 Prime Forged Driver

XXIO introduces the new Prime Forged Driver.  It is a premium driver designed form maximum distance and forgiveness built with the senior and average players in mind.  It features a full 460cc head for maximum forgiveness.  It has an ultra thin forged titanium face for maximum rebound effect and explosive distance, even with average to below average swing speeds. The face produces a very consistent and soft feel with every shot.  The interior of the head also features a sound channel, which is a specially designed channel that amplifies the impact sound, adding a sence of very crisp contact with every shot.  It is a 3 piece construction head with an very light weight crwon and a 40gram tungsten weighted sole.  This allows the center of gravity to stay very low and promote a strong high trajectory for maximum carry distance.
It comes standard with a new SP-700 graphite shaft.  It is a super light weight shaft at 40 grams and features a mid kick.  The shaft is designed with a softer butt and tip areas, allowing the head to fully release at impact while keeping a very soft feel in the hands.  This shaft is specially designed to maximize ball speed for the average player and slower swinging players.  The light weight allows the shaft to be easily controlled, even at 45.75 inches.
Availabel in S/R, R, or R2 flex and in 10.5 and 11.5 degree lofts.

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